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See ya 2015!

Where in the hell did this year go?! Time really does fly and I swear that it speeds up with every trip we take around the sun, science schmience. šŸ˜‰

I like to wrap up every year thinking of what made the year great or what didn’t make it great and how I grew. I also like to look ahead to the new year and what I anticipate it will bring. I’m not a resolution maker per se but I definitely have goals for my life in the coming years.

Today let’s talk about what happened in 2015.

Ryan & I went on a wonderful honeymoon to San Francisco in January. We saw the Golden Gate Bridge, rode a cable car, walked up Lombard Street, visited Fisherman’s Wharf and visited NINE breweries in the area (Rogue, Anchor, 21st Amendment, Thirsty Bear, Lagunitas, Half Moon Bay, Cellarmaker and two I can’t remember which maybe aren’t in business anymore?). It was awesome! It was the first real vacation I’ve taken as an adult and the first time Ryan & I had traveled together. We talk about going back for our 5th or 10th anniversary. And NOT staying 45 minutes outside the city (which with traffic means 2 hours – no matter the time of day. Traffic was my ONLY complaint about this trip)

I became a Jamberry consultant in March. I’ve learned a lot about running your own business this year. I still don’t know if I’m cut out for it but looking forward to continuing to try in 2016.

We moved in July to a bigger, nicer place. It was a nightmare of a move for many reasons but we love our new home now. It’s (hopefully) only temporary (more on that in my Welcome 2016 post!) but is everything we were looking for – bigger kitchen, more storage, washer & dryer – in other words, everything we were looking for in a home to be able to start *really* discussing having a baby.

We also got a new bunny! Noodle joined our family shortly after we moved. He’s a sweet, fluffy boy who is super mischievous. He & Grier still can’t be out of their cages together but I did catch them bathing each other through their cages the other night.

My mother’s Early Onset Alzehimers diagnosis was confirmed. The diagnosis itself isn’t tough. It was an answer we’ve been fighting for for a long time. We have a long battle ahead of us but I’m grateful for online communities of support and the support of family members who’ve already fought this battle. I am still trying to decide to get the genetic testing to see if I carry the gene. As a chronic illness patient I am tempted. I don’t want to be “surprised” by a diagnosis again. On the other hand, besides early interventions (that will end with the same result ultimately), what is there to gain from the knowledge? See, an inner struggle. I am FABULOUS as self conflict – go ME!

After 9 months of being VERY sick(lack of appetite, nausea and lots of other fun gastro symptoms NOT including weight loss), I went gluten free in October. I had seen 6+ medical professionalsĀ (including but not limited to: PCP, therapist, naturopath, endocrinologist, CDE/Nutritionist and gastroenterolgist) endured endless rounds of tests (one involving eating radioactive eggs and waiting around the hospital for 4 hours) and countless med changes I decided to take the sage wisdom of my good friend to heart. What could a 3 week elimination diet hurt? Nothing. And within DAYS I was finding relief. I’ve remained gluten free since and I have no intention of turning back. It’s a HUGE change but there are so many options fog gluten free living if you know where to look (hint, the gluten free aisle at any grocery store!). I know I don’t have Celiac (even though being T1 increases my chances of developing it as they are both auto immune disorders) as I’ve had a gluten tolerance test within the past year. I have no interest in testing now since that means going back to gluten for three weeks (makes me sick just to think about it) but I am fairly certain I have NCGS. All I know is gluten makes ME feel like shit. But I’m not gonna walk around expecting everyone to transition to gluten free. You do you people. BUT – if you’re suffering from undiagnosed gastro ailments as well as headaches, fatigue and acne, just try to eliminate & see what happens.

I’ve maintained an A1c of under 6.5 all year. I am INCREDIBLY proud of that. With being so sick for so long, my diabetes care suffered. But it shows my good habits have actually become habits and even when I don’t want to, I am somewhat taking care of myself. Yay!

I think that’s a decent wrap up. What was the highlight of YOUR 2015? xoxo





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  1. I have too many highlights each day to accurately point out a single highlight in 2015.

    I’m glad the gluten free thing is working for you! I’ve been “mostly sugar & wheat free” for the past year or so, and I feel FAR better than I’ve ever felt in my life . . . but between Christmas & New Years, we have my birthday & anniversary (in the other order), so I’ve actually relaxed my discipline. If possible, my hands feel swollen (also, my weight has been fluctuating a full 10 pounds in any given direction from one day to the next).

    Merry Christmas, Jess, and happy 2016!

    December 29, 2015 at 10:57 am

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