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Dear John

Dear John,

I have been soul searching for days now trying to find the words to say to you. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not good at saying goodbye, But life so rarely affords us this luxury; to tell someone how much we care while knowing it very well could be the last time we say such words. So with that, I feel as if I must find something to say, if for no other reason then to take advantage of a situation no one ever wants to be in. 

You’ve been “sick” since we met, but it’s never slowed you down or taken the smile from your face. You’ve continued to live life much as I wish I would be able to in your position, but I’m not sure I could find the strength and courage you have. You’ve faced this fight with optimism, love and patience and it’s been inspiring to so very many people. 

I can’t imagine how hard it is knowing you’re leaving your family – and how hard it is for them to be losing you. But as a family it’s evident how truly blessed you are to have one another. To see your little girl grow up into an amazing young woman who is following in your footsteps as a volunteer firefighter clearly makes you so incredibly proud. Your son is kind and talented (he must get that from Katrina?) and I know he will step up and care for his mother and sister in your absence and grow into an incredible man. And the only woman with a heart big enough to be proud of those two kids for BOTH of you is Katrina. You guys sure hit the lottery when you found each other. It’s inspiring to see how much you love each other. 

Thank you John. For everyone that you have touched, for everyone that you have taught and for everyone that has bore witness to the strength of your character and the unending bounds of your love. I wish you peace on your journey and I am sending healing, caring thoughts to Katrina, Meghan & Liam as they carry on through life without your physical presence. I have no doubt you will live in their hearts and minds, as well as countless others, forever. 


John Meyers is a local volunteer firefighter in my town who I met through my ex husband. Fifteen years ago he was given six months to live after a spinal/brain cancer diagnosis. He’s given cancer the what for since but it seems as though the disease is winning after all. The cancer has metastasized and he has been given a few weeks to live, at best. I learned this through John’s Facebook account where he posted the news this past weekend. I’ve been grappling with the sadness I feel for days and trying to put it into words. I’ll be sharing this on his Facebook wall to join the MANY other tributes from fellow firefighters, friends, family and even strangers who have heard his story. Please keep John and his family in your thoughts and prayers. xo 


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