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The Zimmerman Verdict Makes Me Boiling Mad

I HAVE to say something about this Zimmerman verdict or I might explode. I have so many feelings about this. My main feeling at this point is anger. I am angry that a man admittedly shot and killed an unarmed kid and is walking away. I am angry that this has been turned into a giant race issue. I am angry that Florida seems to be bass ackwards (yes, bass ackwards, you read that right) when it comes to who is deemed innocent and who is deemed guilty. I am so angry that I feel this blog post can only be written using bullet points, for fear I may babble on and on and never make any of the point I was hoping to.
• George Zimmerman has a history of violence. In 2005 he was arrested for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. Soon after, his then fiancée filed for a restraining order after alleging domestic violence. He was also forced to drop out of college needing only one more credit to graduate because he posed a danger to the campus. He was studying Criminal Justice at the time and had hopes of becoming a police officer. I know people can change, and I have seen it happen. However, I feel this history of violent behavior is VERY important to note
• There is no question that George Zimmerman shot & killed Trayvon Martin that rainy night in February of 2012. He has admitted to that much. This trial was to decide whether his actions were covered under Florida’s Stand Your Ground law or whether it was Second Degree Murder. What bothers me is that this man, who many allege was a “vigilante cop wannabe,” called the police when he saw Trayvon walking alone after dark in this gated community. What made Zimmerman feel threatened, I’m not sure but I’m guessing he’s scared of Skittles & ice tea. However, like anyone who feels in danger should do, Zimmerman called 911. The dispatcher repeatedly told Zimmerman to stay in his car and not to pursue Martin. But did he listen? No. So, let me get this straight, you felt your life was in danger so you GOT OUT OF YOUR CAR AND CHASED THE PERSON?! That doesn’t make a bit of god damned sense to me. Especially because I’m not sure how this shooting could be considered under the Stand Your Ground law when you were originally in your car and out of danger and then you WILLINGLY GOT OUT AND CHASED HIM! Clearly I am angry and very confused about the interpretation of this law. I just don’t understand how any of what Zimmerman did was ok. I mean if you were in YOUR car and saw some “sketchy” person you thought was up to no good would YOU get out and chase him. No? Ok, then you appear to have a brain! That is the fact that makes me want Zimmerman behind bars. He ignored the directions he received from a 911 dispatcher and then shot an unarmed kid dead because he was scared for his life. Not only was his life NEVER in danger but he would have been a lot safer is he JUST STAYED IN HIS CAR! Ok, I think y’all get the point I’m trying to make. Moving on.
• Everyone and their brother is trying to make this a race issue. I don’t care if Zimmerman and Martin were the same color, different colors or aliens from another planet. No human should ever do bodily harm to another human – PERIOD! Yes, people are saying that Zimmerman was a racist who was profiling Martin because he was African American. Is this wrong? OF COURSE! Do we have proof of this racism? Eh, not so much. Do I think racism is an issue in American today – ABSOLUTELY! Does it matter what color the two people were in this incident? No. Nothing will ever bring Trayvon back. Not even if he had been white.
• I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by the verdict. After all Florida has been in the news A LOT in the past few years. I mean, we’ve got the cannibalistic bath salts user, the woman who hitched a ride on a manatee and the defecating/masturbating naked burglar to name a few. Florida is the state that acquitted Casey Anthony of the murder of her 3 year old daughter. It’s also the state that sent a woman to jail for 20 years after she fired a warning shot into a wall to dissuade her physically abusive husband (whom she had a restraining order against) from attacking her once more.
• While I don’t think justice has been served in the least for Trayvon, I do know Zimmerman will never lead a normal life. Nor do I feel he should be able to. He shot an unarmed kid in cold blood for no other reason than his own unwarranted fear. He should live with that guilt and the repercussions for the rest of his life. I don’t know if he’ll ever be truly sorry but I will never apologize for taking some comfort in knowing he can’t leave his house without a bullet proof vest and a disguise. No you know fear George. THIS is what it feels like. I am not saying I want him dead mind you. I just want some justice for that innocent 17 year old kid he killed.
• I feel the more cases we see like this, while the outrage and disbelief is real, the more apathy is found. I know I personally can’t figure out what action I can take to not only feel better about this verdict but to prevent it from happening again. Laws have been on the books for so long and each can be interpreted in so many ways by lawyers. It’s a slippery slope but we can’t let the apathy win. We have to remember Caylee Anthony and Trayvon Martin and all other people who have been killed or hurt but who have not known justice. We simply cannot allow this to continue. We need to continue to pressure our legal system to change. We as the public are the only ones that need to make this happen. Until we do we can’t be surprised or disgusted by outcomes like this. They will continue to happen for as long as we allow it.

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