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I Believe In Forced Sterilization

You don’t hear a lot of news about this topic on a daily basis, but because of my brother Mark I have some very strong opinions on it. I saw this story the other day and decided I could keep my silence no longer.

For those that don’t want to go back & read my brother’s story, here’s the condensed version. At 5 weeks old he was shaken (more likely thrown – think to the floor or against a wall) and left suffering for 3 days before his parents brought him to the hospital. Once there they signed a DNR and disappeared. My parents brought him home as foster child for end of life care when he was six months old. He was still so tiny. He can hear but cannot see. He doesn’t have voluntary muscle control or verbal skills or the ability to eat without a feeding tube. But we do know he can love. And he can smile. And 2.5 years later he is my brother (my parents officially adopted him last May on his 2nd birthday. He no longer has a DNR and is medically treated just like any other child – just with MANY MORE doctors.)

His mother has had AT LEAST 2 more children that we know of since Mark (both were taken into state custody immediately after their births – thankfully!) and Mark was the FOURTH child to be taken away between the both of his parents. This situation DISGUSTS me. It more than disgusts me but I simply can’t put words to the feeling. And honestly I try not to dwell on his bio parents very long simply because they are not worthy of my time or energy. But Mark is. And for Mark I will fight for forced sterilization until the end of my days.

I believe in forced sterilization for both men and women. I believe that men who father several children by several different mothers and then collect welfare and never pay a dime of child support should be sterilized. I believe that men who have been convicted of serial sexual assault & rape should be sterilized. Maybe resorting back to chemical castration for those guys just to kill their sex drive in order to try & avoid repeat offenses. I believe that women who continue to reproduce with no way to financially provide for these children should be urged to choose sterilization.

These are my beliefes and while extreme, they come from a place of deep love for my brother and a deeper hatred for the people who brought him into this world to virtually throw him away. I’m open to hearing arguments against sterilization as I’m always up for a good debate. Just remember to keep it courteous & respectful or your comment will be deleted. This blog is my place for peace & reflection, learning & growth. I don’t have the time  or desire for negativity & rudeness. xo

Read more about my brother here and here


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  1. My first impression (and one that I’ve held for awhile) is that I tend to agree with you. There are certain people who just should not have kids. I don’t feel particularly strongly about forcing it though, and would want to hear and evaluate arguments from both sides before declaring my full support for one or the other.

    How would it work, logistically? Would they be “coerced”, as stated in that article? Would it be mutually agreed as part of a plea-bargain? Ordered by the court and a judge’s gavel (and would that lead to a string of appeals)? Can the court constitutionally order the damaging or desecration of someone’s body? — the death-penalty debaters ask this all the time.

    If it’s truly forced and not at all voluntary, there could certainly be moral or religious concerns — or even safety ones. I’m sure that, for a woman, she is sedated and then unaware of what’s happening until she wakes up; but for a man, how would you get him to drop his drawers in front of a doctor with a needle and a knife without him kicking the doctor in the face? That’s a huge risk for the doctor – and I’m not sure any doctor would perform such a procedure without the patient’s consent. I’m just not sure how you could really force it.

    There are certainly lots of questions to be asked and details to work out, but from a high level, I do agree that some people are not fit to be parents.

    Having said this, your parents are true saints in giving Mark the best life he could possibly have. My brother is severely disabled as well (though the cause and symptoms are very different), and I know how experiencing the innocence of someone who communicates only though gestures and expressions can make you love them more, and make you realize each day is a blessing.

    July 11, 2013 at 10:58 am

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