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Triathlon Aspirations

In case you haven’t heard yet, I’ve decided not to compete in a triathlon this year after all. It was not an easy decision to make and some of the reasons it’s not happening are far beyond my control. Nevertheless, I feel much guilt and somewhat like a failure. I’m disappointed – in myself and in the circumstances that lead to this decision.

The first reason I‘m not competing is due to my diabetes – kind of. Two weeks ago I landed in the hospital with a case of DKA (you can read more of that story here). According to doctors I did everything right and there was simply no way I could have done anything to avoid getting as sick as I did. Duck You Fiabetes! Anyway, I decided to give my body a week off from the gym to properly heal & gather strength. My plan at that time was to get in a moderate workout and see what my body felt about it. Thanks to diabetes, I am quite adept at listening to my body. Although several people (none of whom have diabetes or are medical professionals) advised me to stop training, I was determined to push forward and let my body make the ultimate decision. I was due to get back into the gym on Monday, July 1.

On Saturday (6/29) I was given more bad news. The gym Ryan & I belong to (which is pretty much the only gym with a pool in the area) was basically revoking my membership. SAD! We get our membership through a reduced rate program at Ryan’s work and because we live together, that deal was offered to me. We’ve been going to this gym very regularly for well over a year now. Well, it’s open enrollment again and the parameters for “significant others” has changed and I no longer meet the criteria as we are not married nor do we own a home together. I have emailed the gym asking to be grandfathered back in but I have yet to hear back (and truthfully doubt I will). The lake is still too high and cold to train in plus I only have one day of swim training in a pool under my belt. I have no idea how far ½ mile is now how long it would take me to do it – so open water training isn’t a possibility anyway.

So yes, I’m sad. And disappointed. And perhaps even a bit deflated. But I’ll carry on. This isn’t the end of my goal of becoming a T1 triathlete. I will continue with my running and cycling training and fit swimming in where & how I can. Next year I will continue to pursue that goal – and I’ll be in even better shape and more prepared. Until then, I am trying to find some 5Ks to sign up for and maybe a cycling race or challenge too – just to help me feel like all the hard work I’ve put in so far won’t be for nothing. As Chris said the other night during our chat, Triathlon: To be continued. XO


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  1. You know, sometimes the wisest decisions are the hardest decisions. Better to wait a bit and feel good about it than to rush into it and have a possibly miserable experience.

    To be continued, fo sho. 🙂

    July 5, 2013 at 7:22 pm

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