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Catering Headaches

We have met with several caterers so far and still haven’t found ‘The One.” Honestly, it’s growing slightly disheartening. Our original plan was for a boxed lunch. Something that looked like this:


We had intended to have a sandwich, a salad and something sweet, perhaps a fruit cup, in each box. We thought this was a really cute idea, would help cut down on cost and mix brilliantly with our picnic theme. We set up consultations with a couple local places that we thought would be a perfect fit for us. We checked out Burlington Bay, New Moon and Sugar Snap.

Burlington Bay was our first appointment. It went well and Caitlyn was great and open to what we wanted. The turnaround time for a quote was quick but we were astounded at the price. We immediately let her know we’d be going in a different direction.

We met with New Moon the following week and we met with Matt. He was super excited about our idea and sure that New Moon was gonna be the place for us. It then took him a week and a half to get us a quote, which was unacceptable enough since he promised one in 3 days but then he quoted things we didn’t ask for (we were very specific about NOT wanting potato chips OR cookies in the boxes and we also asked for a vegan/gluten free option which we didn’t get) and we were no longer interested.

We met with Sugar Snap the same day as New Moon and Jess was most excited about this meeting. not only had she had their food on a few occasions, she’d worked an event for them last summer as a favor for a friend and everyone was so wonderful. Plus their food options were much more aligned with our wants and they donate a portion of their profits to a local food shelf (swoon!). The meeting went great, the quote came back quickly and while it was a bit more than we’d anticipated, we did let them know they’re a contender.

We decided to go back to the drawing board. This is why we started planning early. It gives us more time to think things out and find the right fit for us. Besides the fact that we’ve both done this before, we’ve both worked in the industry. We know when you say the word “wedding” instead of “party” prices get raised anywhere from 20% to 400%. It’s disgusting actually. We won’t be bullied or tricked into paying more for something than it’s worth just because this is a wedding. We also refuse to work with anyone that tries to change our minds on what we want (it’s OUR wedding) or that takes entirely too long to return emails/phone calls (or getting us a quote) because if you can’t be relied upon to do that how do we know we can rely on you on our Big Day? So we decided to look into having a BBQ instead.

Jess found Hot Betty BBQ online and Lisa’s smiling face combined with the menu options was irresistible. She isn’t local so Jess had a phone consult (when Ryan was traveling) and they got off on the wrong foot immediately. She took Jess’s disdain for paying upwards of $15 per person for a boxed lunch as an unwillingness to help people make money. We know people need to make a profit but $15 for a sandwich, some salad and a fruit cup (when we offered to supply all containers, needed no staff , paper plates or utensils) is outrageous! She asked for our budget and we let her know for 200 people we’d love to find something for $10 per person. We let her know we were aware it on the low side, but we were being honest about what we could afford. She said she would do what she could to accommodate our wishes.

The quote came in a week later – at $18 per person! Then there was a fee for servers (which we said we didn’t need), the rental of  a tent & tables for her use, plus 2 different types of tax. When all was said and done it would have been almost $6200 just for the food. That’s more than half our budget so needless to say we won’t be using her either.

So now we wait. We have been emailing back and forth with Tony at The Jones House Culinary Services who does boxed lunches on the regular and their menu options and prices look sensational. We’re eager to meet with Tony because we both have a feeling we may have finally found the perfect fit for our vision. We’ll keep you updated on how that goes. Until then, we’ve got some other names and numbers we’ll use if necessary. This has been the hardest part of our planning so far and we’re eager to make a decision. Until next time xo


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