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I’m Not Dead…Just Lazy

Hidy ho interwebs! I know, I know, it’s been awhile. I barely even tweet anymore – and if I can’t find the time for that I’m not exactly sure where I’m supposed to find the time to write anything longer than 140 characters. Ok, I should tell you that yes, I have been busy – there are some huge changes in my life since last we spoke (or I wrote and you read – you know what I mean) and I fully intend to fill you all in as this post continues its rambling. But I must also tell you that your definition of busy and mine may be two very different things. My day-to-day life is pretty much the same (except for the new job and all – I’ll get there, promise!) but I have been busy living in the moment as they say (who is they anyway? I’d like to meet them. I think. However, they sound like a pretty judgemental and condescending lot if I do say so myself!). I stop to smell the flowers. I revel in the feeling of FF’s hand in mind. I commit to memory every smile and giggle I get from my nephews. Life is fulfilling to me again! Writing has always been an outlet for me – for as long as I can remember. But lately, amid the chaos that is my life, my anxiety has been in check (thanks to an awesome therapist and the most amazing man a girl could dream of) and that need for senseless rambling has ceased. This is good news for me but I fear not a great thing for my blog. Oh well, it’s not as if I have any plans to pack up my things and leave it anytime soon. I like knowing that no matter how much time passes I have my corner of the internet that I can visit and use however I want whenever the need arises. So basically I am saying, I am back. For now. Which might just mean this post and nothing more for months. Who knows. Now, let me fill you all in.

I started a new job last month. Just to recap, I was fired from a job where I’d been for 3.5 years back in February of last year. It was a shock and stemmed from an allegation that has since been rendered false. My feelings were hurt and I was filled with shame. Losing your job is a tough. Add in a shitty economy, a harsh accusation, a history of depression & anxiety and a staggering unemployment rate and you get…me. A big fat messy me. I was out of work for 4.5 months until I found something. It sounded perfect to me…right down the road from me (which meant a 5 minute bus ride or a 20 minute walk), a receptionist (working with people) at a medical supply facility (learning new things that would help me in a future career). Well,  less than 6 months after I started and lots of drama (bullying, emotional trauma and just a general lack of professionalism) my boss told me to “kick rocks.” Yes, that was his term. And then they told unemployment I quit and tried to hold up my pay (which didn’t stand up – considering they let 2 other employees go under less than awesome circumstances). It was messy and ugly all over again. But I vowed this time would be different. And it was! In less than 6 weeks I was employed again. And this time? I couldn’t be happier!

I’m working for a company that creates and manufactures labels. They’re family owned and will be celebrating 30 years in business in 2013 (that’s next year!). From the moment I walked in the door on my first day I knew this was a place that was so far removed from the backstabbing bullshit that was the day-to-day of my last job. It felt like coming home. Maybe it was the smell of ink (my father has been in the printing business my whole life and the smell of ink is one of those scents that sends me on a trip down memory lane) or the fact that I can dress down for work once again but it felt right. And in the month I’ve been here that feeling has only increased. Not only am I working in customer service (I seriously think I was meant to work with people – it’s my calling) but when the owner found out how much I love social media he put me in touch with his wife who runs our blog, website, Facebook etc. And now? I write the blog! I started us a Pinterest page! I am elbows deep in an area where I can excel…and make myself irreplaceable. It’s fucking awesome. Sure the 11.5 hour days (8 hours of work plus my 1.5 hour commute in and 1 hour commute home…via bus of course) aren’t awesome but I’m getting plenty of reading done and am usually pretty destressed by the time I arrive home.

And it’s not just me with a career change. Today FF will give his notice to the company where he has worked for 2.5 years. He’s pretty ecstatic and so am I! When I was first looking for a job this time around, Sis told me about a company she heard about. We looked into and although there was nothing that caught my eye, FF found something he was interested in. He’s been pretty unhappy with his job for a while so he decided to go for it. He was scheduled in February to go in and take some assessments. That meeting went on for over 4 hours as they were so impressed with his scores! He was cautiously optimistic but I was elated. He didn’t get the call for a second interview until 2 weeks ago due to people being out sick and on vacations but…he nailed it and they called with an offer last week. His new job will have “normal” hours and we’ll work just down the street from each other (no more bussing it for me!). The next month brings changes to routines which can be stressful but I can’t think of a better reason to make those changes than an awesome career opportunity for the man I love! I am so proud of him and so happy for him!

Let’s see, what else? Oh, with a push from none other than Ginger’s sister H, I am getting my event planning business off the ground! H got engaged on Valentine’s Day and sought my help with the planning. It’s been stressful because of budget and time restrictions but I’m happy to report that we have a dress, a venue and a date. The top three are covered! Phew! She emailed me one day saying that she wanted to recommend me to friends but wasn’t sure how to. I’d been kicking the idea around for a while and decided it was time to get off my lazy ass and do something about it.  So, I have created a blog, a twitter, a Pinterest and working on an FB for Queen Bee Events. I still have some work to do but at least I’ve taken those initial steps. And one of the art guys here at work is designing my logo – which I think is what I’m most excited about. I still need to figure out advertising and how to charge for my services (up until now I haven’t. I have only planned events for friends as a favor or their wedding gift. Although H takes me out to eat on the regular and I could get used to that!) but I am well on my way – at least compared to a few weeks ago 🙂

Oh, big news on the family front. Baby is going to be my brother! The adoption will be finalized in mid-May and my whole family couldn’t be more excited. We have been united through him. Because of him my nephews have learned tolerance and patience. I have been given the gift of seeing just how much my parents can love. We are surrounded by love and respect and admiration. It’s amazing. I know I couldn’t do it but I am so incredibly proud to be a part of it. And I’ll finally have that little brother I’ve been asking for all these years! 🙂

Other than that, my calendar is filling up for the summer with camping trips, weddings and a girls weekend to reunite me with two college roomies and their best friends. It’s going to be magical! On top of that, FF and I have talked about a wedding and although nothing is set in stone (as in, there is not a ring on my finger…yet!) we’re playing around with an intimate beachside ceremony and a kick ass picnic themed reception a week later (not until AT LEAST July 2014 as we’re taking a cruise next year and need to save. Parents aren’t all that keen on helping out for second weddings – who knew?! LOL). This idea excites me to no end for lots of different reasons 🙂 So I guess that’s it for now. We have fun plans with the nephews this weekend so maybe I’ll check in with more about that next week. The chances of this not happening are great – don’t say I didn’t warn you. xoxo

~So what in the world have YOU been up to?!


12 responses

  1. Neil O'Donnell

    Congrats!!! So happy for you!

    April 24, 2012 at 11:16 am

    • Thanks Neil! I’m pretty tickled myself!

      April 24, 2012 at 12:56 pm

  2. Welcome back! How’s about posting some links to your new ventures so us other, like-minded, self-employed types can share!

    April 24, 2012 at 12:08 pm

    • I plan on doing just that as soon as they’re ready for human consumption 🙂

      April 24, 2012 at 12:56 pm

  3. You say lazy, I say busy living. Congrats on all the good stuff!

    April 24, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    • Thanks friend 🙂 Hope you are well!!!!

      April 24, 2012 at 1:57 pm

  4. All this happy news makes me happy! Good for you guys!

    April 24, 2012 at 3:22 pm

  5. So happy to find you in a happy place! I’ve been worried about you . . . hoping that “no news is good news – they’re just busy and not chiming in,” so I’m happy to know that, mostly, that’s the case.

    It sounds like your last job was a truly toxic situation. I’m sorry you had to deal with it, but I’m glad to know that you’re in a better situation now. I’m just starting to look for new opportunities, myself — my job is just a constant stress on my life, and I really, really don’t like that . . . it’s fine to be stressful at work, but, because so much of my job has to deal with people in other time zones, a lot of my job continues after work is “done” and it’s no fun to be working all of the time.

    April 25, 2012 at 9:15 am

    • Yes indeed John, no news is good news. At least this time around 🙂
      As for your job – it’s nice to be able to grab the bull by the horns and take control of the situation. If you’re not happy, do something about it. Unlike me who was terribly unhappy & hoping it would get better…and then it got worse. I wish you good luck!!!

      April 25, 2012 at 2:55 pm

  6. Jess

    Hooray! Welcome back and I’m so glad things are going great for you!

    April 26, 2012 at 2:57 pm

    • Thanks! Just saw today that your blog is no more? Or did it move? Hope all is well with you and your little ladies!

      April 26, 2012 at 4:49 pm

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