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Once Again With The Promises

Hey strangers! Lookee here…two posts in one day?! GASP! It’s true! I have completely fallen off the blogging wagon and that needs to change. I need to find better ways to spend my time than eating cheeseballs and watching Dirty Dancing (although, that’s kinda the life isn’t it?). Yes, I am still being very active in my job search. I’m also spending a lot of time getting back into shape (one other than “round” anyway). While these are both productive (and necessary) they are simply not as therapeutic for me as writing (although I took a run during a bad mood last week that turned my day right side up again – score!) and right now I think it’s been pretty evident than an emotional makeover isn’t a terrible idea.
FF & I are headed to Boston this weekend and I simply cannot wait! We reserved a cute hotel room, plan on meeting up with a bunch of friends (some old – some new!) and geeking out at the Museum of Science, the Aquarium and the planetarium. I have meals planned at some of my favorite Boston spots (Boston Beer Works, Boston Chipyard (at Faneuil Hall)) and hitting up some chains we can’t around here (Target, Coldstone Creamery). And clearly there will be drinking. And hotel sex. And a roadtrip! So much to look forward to. And when I come home, I’m brining a new determination and discipline home with me. And part of that discipline will be writing – sharing & showing show much more than I am right now. I need this for so many reasons. I can’t wait to get started. SO once again I am setting a schedule – posts that will be once a week for the next few weeks. Much like Wordless Wednesday. But devoted to things I am enjoying right now. I will also be writing “regular” posts as the mood strikes – which I think will happen much more often now that I am making myself allow time & energy to write. Below you will find how I plan on getting myself back into writing…I hope you enjoy!

Mondays – Many bloggers already do a meal plan Monday (anyone know where I can grab a banner or who to link through/give credit to?). I plan on joining in. SInce I lost my job I have been meal planning. I find it fun, easy and very time & money saving during our weekly grocery trips. So on Mondays I will post the previous week’s menu with any pictures of the meals and recipes as needed (or wanted!).

Tuesdays – I want to leave Tuesdays open to post whatever I want – or take a break. There are several posts I REALLY want to write and share with you and this is when I’ll do it. Some of those posts I want you to read? My feelings on becoming a mom (I’m not pregnant!). An update on Baby (my foster brother). An update on my list of things to do before I turn 31. Post vlogs answering more diabetes questions. Explain why I don’t have a license. You know, life shit. And if I choose to take a writing break, I must do something here at NachoBlog – update links or tabs or make those small changes I keep meaning to make. Must. Stay. Productive.

Wednesdays – I am sticking to Wordless Wednesday. I like it. I take a shit ton of pictures. They may not be great quality (looking into fixing our digital camera and/or upgrading to an iPhone4) but I like sharing them with you just the same. I hope you enjoy the sharing (you can count on a ton of Boston photos next week! Squee!!!)

Thursday – I am working REALLY hard on getting fit. I’m back to strength training. I am running as often as possible. On Thursdays I’ll track my progress. This first Thursday I’ll share my goals (including weight loss) and yes (gulp) post a before picture – gottta have some accountability and some way to track progress right? I’ll also share what technology I’m using to help in this quest. After that I’ll post updates weekly – with how I feel, what I enjoyed, what is & isn’t working for me.

Friday – I’ve recently started taking a look at my wardrobe and trying to define my style. I have a lot of clothes I REALLY like and I also am usually very proud of how inexpensive my wardrobe is. So on Fridays I plan on giving you a bit of  a Stepping Out post. I’ll post pictures of any outfits from the previous week that I enjoyed. I’ll tell you where I got things (and cost when I remember/think it’s especially awesome) and where I wore them. I’m not a model so be kind with these pictures!

Saturday – yes, I’ll have a post on Saturdays too. I plan on working out 6 days a week so I can write 6 days a week too (or a couple days a week and schedule posts – whatever!). I got this idea from Zach. He even titled it for me (without knowing it!), Songs on Saturday. Here I’ll present my favorite songs in a certain genre (Broadway tunes anyone) or that are perfect for a mood (sex music, running playlists etc.). I might talk about why I picked a song or I might not. But regardless I’ll post playlists on my YouTube channel to go with these posts.

So there you have it. My plan for the forseeable future. I need to get my head back in the game…I hope you enjoy the ride xo


2 responses

  1. It’s funny – as the notification for this post came in, I was in the middle of writing a blog post about how I’m going to take the focus off of my blog, and just write about whatever, in the hopes that I’ll actually start writing more.

    Funny how different focuses motivate different people. 🙂

    April 5, 2011 at 12:38 pm

  2. OOOH, you just gave me some good ideas too. I will have to think on them. I like the idea of some regular themes. I am needing something to get out of my writer’s block.

    I haven’t been much of a reader either lately, sorry 😦

    Dirty Dancing and cheese balls? That does sound rather glamorous!

    April 5, 2011 at 6:38 pm

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