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I’m Not Dead

It’s Tuesday morning and I have now been unemployed for two weeks. Wow…where has the time gone?! I made FOUR to-do lists that day…and I have about 8% complete. Maybe. The can do, upbeat attitude in the 1st few days hasn’t diminished per se but my drive & determination are lacking for sure. I’d planned on doing soooo much writing during this time. But I haven’t. And for that I’m sorry to any who may be disappointed. I’ve also been fairly quite on Twitter lately. No reason i particular, just not much to say I guess. But I just wanted to put something here so that people know I’m alive, kicking & surviving. Here’s what I have been doing for the last two weeks:

  • Laundry, housecleaning & making dinner. FF is still helping but I’m stepping up my game where I can.
  • I no longer need ice, pain relievers or (mostly) my donut anymore. I was however introduced to Tramadol for a pinched nerve in my shoulder. Seeing as 1/3 of a muscle relaxant knocks me on my ass I needed something that could allow me to be alert but something stronger than Advil. Mission accomplished!
  • Me, FF & two of our friends won the Magic Hat Twitter Pub Crawl! What did we win? A weekend for 10 in Stowe! I promise a whole post about this soon. We had so much fun!
  • I FINALLY got to hear the beautiful Kat Maund & her band Phineas Gage perform.I wish I could have stayed longer – they were amazing! Can’t wait til the next gig (3/24 at SKinny Pancake 7pm – be there!)
  • In order to maintain my sanity get out of the house, I accompanied my parents to the hospital for my father’s reparative hernia surgery. I could say more about this but the fact that the nurse accidentally flashed my dad’s junk in my general direction really says it all. Wow. O_0
  • I remembered that I’m terrible at drinking…but even worse at hangovers.
  • I’ve enjoyed several meals at Handy’s Lunch (@handyslunch). I went there the day I was fired and of course their kindness was awesome. SInce then I’ve had lunch with @nlentine (and we discovered we’re neighbors – seriously!), breakfast with Mr. Officer (My friend I met through GJ who I share a meal with every 6 months or so), introduced Mamacita to the tastiness and the super awesome @jerbear0042 took me out for a drink when he finished his shift on the grill. If you live in #btv and haven’t checked out Handy’s – what the hell are you waiting for?!
  • I finally bought a bus pass. I used it twice before I lost it. Sometimes my awesomeness amazes me.
  • I’ve abandoned my google reader – for now. At last check (Sunday) it was at 144 items. I will not just hit “mark all read” and I will comment when necessary.
  • FF & I have become addicted to Lost. We’re currently in the middle of Season 2 and you wouldn’t believe how hooked we are. Let’s just say it involved several calls to Netflix, a trip to Blockbuster and an episode watched on my iPhone. Oy! I’m also currently enjoying The Tudors (holy HAWT!) and Veronica Mars.
  • We survived the 5th (or 3rd depending on your source) worst winter storm in VT history. It was snow. In March. I didn’t have anywhere to go anyway so, eh.
  • FF started a Tumblr! He has enjoyed the guest posts he’s done for me & Gregg and he’s also been really inspired by some good music lately so he’s decided to write about it. Check it out.
  • I still love leggings. I wonder how long before FF is begging me to “put on a frickin pair of REAL PANTS!” Ha!
  • I updated my resume. Today is the 1st day I will send it out. I am applying for like a bazillion jobs. I appreciate all the support, leads & encouragement from everyone – thank you!!

So there you have it! I’ll be back tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday – promise! XO


2 responses

  1. Good luck!

    March 8, 2011 at 1:59 pm

  2. glad to hear your behind is healing up even if it is a slow process. that really is unfortunate about your dad flashing you but i’m glad his surgery went well. and of course; good luck on the job search!!

    March 8, 2011 at 11:47 pm

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