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Looking Ahead

At midnight around the world people will exclaim “Happy New Year!” while toasting champagne & kissing loved ones. Many of those people have been contemplating how to make their lives different in 2011. Some people call them resolutions. I call them bullshit. You can see even from this very blog that I suck at follow through. I am VERY good at making goals but sticking to them for any period of time is not a strong point for me. So this year I will take a clue from Weight Watchers – instead of this yo-yo goal setting (making goals, breaking them, being disappointed, making new, stricter goals etc.) I vow to make some lifestyle changes. Here’s what I would like to accomplish in 2011

Be content in the small victories: I so often lose sight of the little things. I strive for an A1C of 6.5 or lower. I want to run a half marathon. I want to do this and that and the other thing. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and defeated, I will remember that a day where I see a straight line on my CGM or run a mile on the treadmill is a success. It is a step toward my goal. Things won’t happen over night – I will not wake up and be a great runner or have perfect BGs – I have to work at it. And instead of telling myself I am not achieving success fast enough, I will reward myself by remembering that I am working hard on attaining something and as long as I continue to work hard, I will reach my goal when the time is right.

I will not be hard on myself: So often I chastise myself for something only I perceive as failure. Haven’t wrote a blog post in a week? Terrible blogger. Didn’t wish one of my FB friends a happy birthday? Terrible friend. Haven’t seen my mom in a while? Bad daughter. Enough! My time is MY TIME! I can do what I want with it – and what I can with it. For most of 2010 I kept myself spread terribly thin. It was exhausting! Then I stopped driving. Not wanting to depend on FF or the fact that mass transit can suck giant balls sometimes left me not a lot of options. I plan far in advance now (nothing really new there) and most nights involve me meeting FF to hit the gym, going home & parking my ass on the couch. And you know what? I like it that way. And also, no one but me gets upset if I don’t write a blog post. I’ve realized when I get something in my head I need to write about, the content is so much better than when I write just for the sake of writing. So in the future, I am only going to write when the mood strikes. If it happens a few times a week? Awesome. Once a month? That’s ok too. And if it fluctuates, well, that’s just how life goes.

I will stop hating my body: Notice I didn’t say I was going to lose 20 pounds or exercise every day. I am going to accept that this is the body shape I was given. As much as I long to be an hourglass, I am a pear. While I ache for a  smooth tummy, I’m not willing to put in too much work (although I do need the fat for my bionic appendages – my CGM & Omnipod insulin pump) or give up foods I love. While I would love to be a golden goddess, tanning is bad for you and my Celtic skin will always just burn, peel, freckle and repeat. I was given this one body and it’s mine until I take my last breath. I will take care of it how I can (being mindful of eating, exercising regularly, taking medicine, visiting the doctor etc.) but I am done stressing about what I cannot change. I will accept myself as I am.

I think those are three pretty hefty life changes. I wouldn’t be surprised if I find myself enlisting the help of other (tweeps, FF, IRL friends, hell maybe even a therapist) to guide me on the paths of thinking positively instead of focusing on negativity. On top of that, I also plan on continuing to complete my 50 Things Before I Turn 31 – because I am having a lot of fun with that list! Happy New Year everyone – may 2011 be your best year yet! XO

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