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Looking Back

Well, on Friday people will be gathering to celebrate the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. Me & FF included. We’ll be doing Bman’s 3rd birthday (where in the sweet hell does the time go?!) and Christmas (since Sis, BIL & kids were in Colorado with BIL’s family from 12/22-12/29). I’m excited to see JD open some gifts – I wonder if he’s got the hang of it yet. And I spoiled Bman. Hot air popcorn popper, books, Shrek Chia Pet…with a birthday & Christmas so close together I actually found it difficult NOT to get carried away! Strangely, I keep forgetting I have more presents coming. I LOVE presents! But FF & his mom arranging it so there will be a Modern Bird piece hanging in our home in 2011 is a bigger gift than I ever could have imagined. Anything else is icing on the cake! Speaking of cake, after the family festivities we will be joining some friends just around the corner from our house for a house party. I’m hoping to make this Eggnog Cake to bring with us. I’m also hoping to Kill Christmas as Zach hilariously puts it. Busy day on Friday but it means a whole weekend of nothing (except for maybe an appointment to talk about TATTOOS! More on that soon!).
So I can’t let 2010 go by without reflecting. It’s been a great year. Here are some posts to highlight some of the biggest moments in this awesome year:

In March I started this blog and I talked about what it was like to live every day with diabetes.

In April I celebrated my Diaversary, I gave you a tour of my home and I met Chris Bohjalian.

May was my mom’s birthday, diabetes blog week & when I got a concussion from a hug.

June brought the long awaited story of how FF & I got together (part 1 & Part 2) and won the Stick Me Designs Superfan contest

In July FF took the reins and wrote this sexy post.

August was when I began to find my voice here. I wrote about anxiety in three separate posts. This stream of consciousness panic attack is one of my favorite pieces of writing to date.

September was my birthday month. I turned 30! I talked it about all month! And I wrote a list of 50 things to do before my next birthday.

October brought the end of my first blog (Saucy Redhead) and began my journey again here. It also was when I wrote this ode to Grace Potter – who I have now MET!!!

November was a busy month here at NachoBlog! I wished my girl crush a happy birthday and I participated in National DBlog Day (and lots of other writing – go look!)

And I think the thing I’m most proud of this month, December 2010, is telling you all about my new little brother. My heart was warmed with your love and kind words.

So come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you what I’m looking forward to in 2011! XO

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