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Football = Food

I was thinking the other night, while watching the Patriots stomp on the Jet’s dreams during Monday Night Football, about food. Really this is no surprise as I think I will forever associate football with food. As if the indulgence & debauchery of the Superbowl isn’t enough but FF & I save football Sundays for nothing but our favorite things. These favorite things are (in no particular order) football, food & sleep (this list is also not all inclusive – I mean, sometimes there is beer 🙂 ) We actually plan one big meal for Sundays that has to cook for a long time but can be enjoyed all day. We’ve done beef stew, chili & pulled pork among other things. Oh yum, it’s like our own little gluttonous tailgate party. Tonight is a big game for FF as his beloved Pats are challenging their rival and 1 of the only 2 teams that have beat them this season. It’s Monday Night Football which is HUGE but we aren’t celerating with food. Truthfully, he had a ham salad sandwich & I had a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats and a grilled cheese with bacon. (PS – I want something different. I don’t know what but I do have a bonus check burning a hole in my pocket & a grocery store around the corner. However, it’s 10:30pm & I awoke at 5. I attended a Body Pump class and we also got our very first accumulative snowfall today and it’s about 25° outside. NO thanks!) Instead, we celebrated with a roast chicken yesterday. I cooked it on Saturday while cleaning the house & getting ready for a party and threw it in the fridge. Yesterday after making cupcakes & hamburg macaroni soup for company, I made a chicken caesar salad, chicken stock (which I then turned into chicken and orzo soup – yum!) and we ate chicken & French fries with our fingers while watching my Ravens who had a devestating loss to the Steelers. I still have some meat left & since it’s all white meat I think I’ll make some chicken salad for a few sandwiches for lunches this week (PS – as if all that wasn’t enough, during Halftime of the Ravens game I made 6 bacon, egg & cheese muffins and FF diced ham for ham salad).

Ok, all that food talk totally distracted me (and makes me want to eat. I need to make some peanut butter cookies like yesterday!). What I really wanted to talk about was favorite foods. Say someone sat you down with a meal planning calender and asked you to plan a week’s worth of meals – that would repeat for the rest of your life. What would you pick? What are your 7 favorite meals? These could be breakgasts, lunches or dinner. Pick 7 meals that you could eat for the rest of your life. I will post my picks next Friday. Feel free to comment on this post, that post or even your own post (I can arrange a linky thing if anyone wants.) Can’t wait for the reads next Friday! XO


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  1. ignotus mulier

    i have no idea what meals i would want to eat for the rest of forever… but reading this made me really, really hungry. time to go order pizza for a study break lunch 😉

    December 15, 2010 at 1:16 pm

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