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Hey everyone! Sorry I’ve been MIA – not even a Wordless Wednesday post this week (GASP!). I assure you, there are a dozen of half written posts in my drafts folder waiting for finishing touches but I have been so busy! My days start at 4:30, out the door by 5:30 and we’re lucky to be home between 6:30-7. Then it’s shower, dinner & prepare for the next day. I’m exhausted! I’m trying to get some writing done on the weekends but I enjoy having that time to putter around and be lazy and/or domestic. I love writing and this blog is super important to me. Now that we’ve been in the new place and developing this new routine for about a month, I think I should be able to get back to writing soon. You can look forward to posts about a new man in my life, my new piece of life changing medical technology, a thankful on Thanksgiving post and my first Vlogs! I plan on doing a little tour of the new place for you as well a little talk about diabetes. Zach from Drinking From A Mason Jar supplied me with three great questions (check them out on Tumblr) and I received a few others via Facebook. But I need more. What I have doesn’t warrant a video so if you want it, you gotta give me reason to do it. Leave your questions as comments to this post and when I accrue enough, a vlog will be born 🙂 I hope this impromptu note finds you all well and I look forward to giving you some new reading material VERY SOON! XO


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