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The Ocean Heals

So yes, FF & I had a disastrous trip getting to Bangor – do you think the ride home went any better? In some ways, yes. Since we originally planned on stopping by the ocean and trying lobster, I still wanted to do this. Regardless of whether or not we had someone else’s car. The whole weekend had been shit and it needed redemption in a serious way. We had a great ride to the coast. Lots of singing, giggling, flirting, reminisingĀ & car dancing (and LOTS of bathroom breaks as my sugars were SKY HIGH!). I knew exactly where I wanted to go and FF being wonderful per usual was happy to comply. So we went to Short Sands in York, Maine. They have a boadrwalk and The Goldenrod (home of some seriously famous saltywater taffy which I abhor. Also home to the best fresh squeezed oj & fluffiest omelettes you will EVER see). Being October, it was pretty much a ghost town. Even the arcade was closed šŸ˜¦ So we got back in the car and drove a few miles to Long Sands. I was so excited! Even as we had originally pulled into town I had FF take a shortcut I knew and I took in the smells and sights of the ocean.

It was low tide so when we parked the car, we were able to walk out quite a ways. The surf was choppy, the wind was blowing and the air was cool but after taking a few deep breaths of salty air I was able to let go of the horrific events of the last 48 hours. My shoulders didn’t feel a heavy burden. My mind was free. My heart was happy. I realized as I looked around that how could I not feel better. Staring out over the Atlantic Ocean I realized how small we are. Not unimportant or inconsequential, but in the grand scheme of things, we are small. And my problems? Even smaller. The perspective I gained that day was tremendous. And when things get rough I try to remember how it felt to have my chilly feet in the ocean water and looking out atĀ a horizon that went on forever. It was pure magic! We got some great pics too!

For the record, I did try lobster too. It was…eh. We stopped at a place in Kittery that boastedĀ that it had “The Best LobsterĀ Rolls.” Duh – easy choice right? So I got a chicken sandwich and some clam chowder and FF ordered the lobster roll. The food all around was pretty gross, but I did try the lobster – and I have picture proof.

So now you know all about our fateful trip to Maine. We did hit a snafu with getting the rental car back and FF’s uncle’s truck retunred. It added another 2 hours to the trip home. Oh well, lessons learned! Next time we go, I hope it is a MUCH smoother trip. XO

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  1. I’ve always wanted to do the “let’s just stop on the way home at any place we want to” during the return trip, but we always are so tired (and usually hungover) and just want to get home.

    It looks like you guys managed to salvage a great time and even got to the beach! That’s exciting!

    November 8, 2010 at 6:20 am

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