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Enterprise Will NOT Pick You Up

So by now you’ve seen all the beautiful pictures from when FF & I went to Maine for my college roommate’s wedding a few weeks ago (And if you haven’t? You can do so here. You’re welcome). Some of you may have seen FF or I tweeting about the adventures we had getting there. I haven’t really talked about it here so if you’re looking for some entertainment, read on 🙂

We had to be in Bangor for the rehearsal by 3:30pm. It’s a six hour drive from here. I wanted to leave between 6 & 7am so as to give us plenty of time to stop (like at Target! Which we don’t have in Vermont – should be illegal! Oh and also a Brewpub recommended by a coworker.) and also to get to the hotel in time to change & freshen up in order to keep myself as stress and anxiety free as possible. After all, this would be my first road trip AND my first wedding smoke free. We did all our packing on Thursday night so we could wake up on Friday morning, shower & hit the road. We knew we had to stop for gas, cash and also I planned on treating myself to a cheddar bagel twist and a hazelnut coolatta from DD 🙂 Plenty. Of. Time

Except we woke up at 9am! WTF?! We are awake without alarms at 7am on weekends! How in the world did we sleep through an alarm – and sleep that late?! I was a mess! But we got our shit together and were out the door in 30 minutes. We made our stops and hit the road. I called the bride and explained that we would be late. I was hoping to still make the rehearsal but would most likely be a few minutes late. I should mention here that we decided to borrow my mother’s car. My Jeep is currently a POS and FF’s Trailblazer could use some brakes and possibly definitely some suspension repair. So mom being awesome like she is, let us borrow her Saab for the ride. We were cruising along about 2 hours from home and the car started acting funny. Like the power cut out. So FF got off the interstate. We pulled over. I smelled something hot. The temp gauge looked fine. So we pulled out and figured we’d hit a gas station and check all the fluids. When FF pulled out, a GIANT cloud of white smoke enveloped us. Shit!

I told him to just keep driving until we could find a place to pull over. So of course, we had gotten off the interstate exit where there is NOTHING for miles. We drove & drove (slowly, stopping frequently along the side of the road). I called my mom to see if she had noticed the car acting funny. She said she hadn’t. Finally after what seemed like an eternity, we say a landscaping business. We pulled in. I got out to talk to the guy working (who happened to be the owner) and he said to pull the car up & he’d take a look. When we opened the hood there was oil EVERYWHERE – well, except for the reservoir. SHIT! He said he was pretty sure the engine was blown. Great! And now? No cell service (we were seriously in some kind of weird dead zone – no stores, no cell service. Looking back- maybe we should have been more frightened!). Scott (the owner of the landscaping place) was great. He let us use his phone (to call the bride) and called some of his mechanic friends for advice. I called my mom and she offered to pay for a rental car so we could get to Bangor. I called Enterprise because, you know, they’ll pick you up (or not). I spoke with a woman at the 800 number, made a reservation & got my confirmation number. When I called the actual agency (30 miles away), they didn’t have any cars and even if they did, no one could come pick us up. Well that makes no sense – I have a confirmation number! Apparently the 800 number is just booking agents & they don’t have any idea of each individual center’s inventory. WHAT?! So I called another center (also 30 miles away – in a different direction) and they had a car for us! But? No one could come get us. You see Enterprise tells you in their commercials that they’ll pick you up – what they fail to mention is that they’ll pick you up IF you’re within a 10 mile radius AND if they have anyone free to come get you. So we spent another TWO HOURS trying to find a ride to Concord, NH. We were finally able to get ahold of FF’s uncle who kindly came out to get us and drive us to Concord. When we got to Enterprise we were informed we couldn’t use my mother’s debit card to rent a car. You had to use a credit card with the DRIVER’S name on it. Ummm, we don’t have one of those!

So here I am on the verge of a giant meltdown. The lip is quivering, the fists are balled and I’m ready to explode. It’s now 1.5 hours til the rehearsal – and we’re still 4+ hours away! I call the bride and let her know I will be there – eventually – but I will miss the rehearsal. FF’s uncle comes through again and he rents a car (which we pay for) and we take off in his truck toward Bangor. We grab some fast food, some gas and we hit the road. It was a rough trip and we didn’t end up in Bangor until almost 9pm. What a terrible day! We unloaded the truck and FF crashed on the bed while I changed and headed down to the hotel bar to meet the wedding party. The rest of that night and the wedding day ended up being fairly uneventful. As you saw, the pictures (in my opinion) were gorgeous. I’m still waiting to see the professional pics (it’s been almost 4 weeks – kind of long don’t you think?) but I’m glad I could be there for my college roomie on her special day. Our trip home was an adventure too. I’ll write about that tomorrow XO


7 responses

  1. Good lordy, what a trip!

    You should contact Enterprise customer service and describe your awful experience to them. Do it calmly and courteously, and you’re liable to get a free rental voucher or something. There’s no reason the booking agent shouldn’t have mentioned that whole “10 Mile” policy to you, considering they pretty much knew where you were.

    Also, 6-8 weeks tends to be the norm for pro wedding photos. They take a while to post-process, and the photog is usually doing multiple weddings at the same time!

    November 1, 2010 at 7:54 am

    • I plan on letting Enterprise know – maybe even directing them right here to this entry!

      And I had friends who got married and had pics (same with me) within two weeks. Maybe they do it differently in Maine – and Maryland? Damn M states 🙂

      November 1, 2010 at 8:16 am

  2. It would be hard to top this nightmare. Always seem to happen at the most inconvenient of times too. But I did look at the pictures and it looks like you recovered nicely.

    And no surprise about Enterprise. I’m not a fan of theirs by any means.

    November 1, 2010 at 11:35 am

  3. Terrible! I cannot believe the bad luck that hit on this trip! Awful time to quit smoking, huh? 😉

    November 1, 2010 at 11:39 am

  4. So you mentioned on twitter that Enterprise contacted you. What was the resolution?

    November 2, 2010 at 6:12 am

    • We’ exchanged a few e-mails so far – waiting to see what comes of it 🙂

      November 2, 2010 at 8:27 am

  5. Turtle

    Around here, Enterprise is fair to mediocre. Tends to treat their customers like potential criminals and has been known to bill for “damage” weeks or even months after the rental. I usually avoid them, but when I’ve used them for an insurance rental (they are Allstate’s favorite car rental place) they’re oddly much better.

    November 3, 2010 at 11:49 am

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