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Politics Suck

If a politician is using abortion as a platform, I will not vote for them. Regardless of my stance or their’s, I’m not sure I want someone speaking for me that feels abortion is a current hot button issue. We have an economy in the shitter and we have soldiers dying while fighting not one, but two wars on foreign soil.

In this age of smart phones & social media, a politician has no excuse for not being familiar with potential voters. We are connected, hooked up & plugged in at all times. I don’t want to see your cheesy smear campaigns on tv. I don’t want to drive past your red, white & blue picket signs and waving zealots on my way to anywhere. I want you to tell me what you think is wrong with our town/state/country and what you can do to fix it. And be realistic. I want to know who you are and be confident that you actually care and are not simply getting me to eat, breathe & sleep your name so I will blindly check it off on a ballot. I want you to be someone I could imagine being friends with in “real life” and be treated that way if we were ever to meet, even in this alternate universe that is the days & months preceding an election.

So if you want my vote? Listen to me. Care about my feelings. Be respectful of my beliefs. Reach out to me via modes of communication I embrace. But most of all, don’t use something as your platform the became irrelevant before I was even born. XO


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