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Grace Evelyn Potter – How Do I Love Thee

Ok, this post is a loooooooong time coming but with the (albeit) short hiatus & all the other drama crap going on in my life, I hadn’t gotten around to it. But now I can finally tell you all about the love I possess for a certain blonde rocker. Her name? Is Grace Evelyn Potter. And much like Aunt Becky did to John C. Mayer, I’m about to Rock. Her. World.

Since Grace Evelyn Potter grew up in the Mad River Valley of Vermont, I had heard Grace Evelyn Potter’s name for years before I actually heard her music. Why did I wait so damn long to listen to a Grace Evelyn Potter album? Idiot! Shortly after BDNF & I separated I was out shopping and picked up Grace Evelyn Potter’s (along with her freaking phenomenal band – the Nocturnals!) newest album (at the time) “This is Somewhere.” I listened to it. Then I listened to it again. Then I listened even more. Did Grace Evelyn Potter know me? Did she know the heartache I was going through? When Grace Evelyn Potter sang lyrics like, “My love is like a blanket that gets a little bit too warm. Sometimes I want to wrap somebody in it, who can hold me in his arms. Cause when it got a little too hot in there, he was always stepping out for air and he froze.” or “The air’s so heavy it could drown a butterfly if it flew too high.” or even “Let’s drink away our fortunes. Here’s to the meantime.” And then when I met a boy (a musician who was a fling), Grace Evelyn Potter’s lyrics were STILL perfect, “You like to call me every now & then. I just can’t wait to lose some time again.” And then a boyfriend (who actually KNEW Grace Evelyn Potter and graduated from the same high school!) who would listen to Grace Evelyn Potter’s “Nothing But The Water” album while I sang at the top of my lungs, “C’mon c’mon c’mon you gotta treat me right, all the time. Squeeze me like a key lime.”

FF has known about my unhealthy love of Grace Evelyn Potter since he met me. When she played a show on the Burlington waterfront last year we couldn’t afford tix but we packed a picnic and I melted into the jazzy, crooning sounds of Grace Evelyn Potter. She can sing, she can play guitar, she can play piano. But mostly? Grace Evelyn Potter fills me with both a desire & a jealousy I can’t even put into words. She sings like an angel and a devil all at the same time. From Grace Evelyn Potter’s whispered tones to guttural screams you’re hanging on for dear life through lyrics that make you feel that she’s been in your shoes. And she does it with such fucking style it kills me. Grace Evelyn Potter’s wardrobe is like none other. Her sparkly mini dresses and knee high boots make me want to raid her closet! Her throwback to 70’s rock paired with the fashions of today? Brilliant! Her music is so versatile too! When I want to sing along to songs in the car? Grace Evelyn Potter. When I want to wallow in self pity during a scalding hot shower? Grace Evelyn Potter. When I want some freaky time with FF? Grace Evelyn Potter. (the last one is the reason that I will be seeing her in concert FOR REAL in December! I can’t wait!!!! You hear that Grace Evelyn Potter? I’ll be in the audience at HG on 12/28!!!! Need a duet partner? I actually sing! Fairly well from what I’m told. Have your people call my people!)

When Grace Evelyn Potter’s newest album “Grace Potter & The Nocturnals” was released she did so right here in her awesome home state of Vermont. A free “secret show” on Church Street, SCORE! I was so amped up to actually see Grace Evelyn Potter perform I couldn’t think straight all day. I’d heard a few of the songs of the new album and I was utterly and completely in love. Grace Evelyn Potter had once again released an album that knocked my socks off. My goal is to someday sing the song “Paris (Ooh La La)” in front of a crowd. And if when FF & I get married, “Colors” is the song I’ll use when I dance with my father.

So run now and download EVERYTHING you can by Grace Evelyn Potter (and the Nocturnals!). Check them out on YouTube. You won’t be sorry. And someday, not long from now when they’re headlining Madison Square Garden? You can say you heard of Grace Evelyn Potter here 🙂 XO


3 responses

  1. Matt

    Awesome! I feel even better about helping you out! (Although I am a tad concerned for her well being if the meet & greet works out.) 🙂

    December 10, 2010 at 10:42 am

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  3. Danny Walsh

    I love Grace, TOO!! Excellent blog! Thanks for supporting THE most beautiful, talented, & kick-ass Rocker on the planet!! ❤ ❤

    April 17, 2011 at 4:38 pm

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