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Wordless Wednesday – a Celebration

FF & I went out to dinner on Friday to celebrate the signing of our new lease. I got drunk – whoops! Here’s some pics of our celebration



I also wanted to mention that I was supposed to have a tweet up on Sunday morning. It failed. But I went anyway. FF & I got to meet Earl, the owner of Handy’s Lunch. We’ve been tweeting for weeks (months maybe!) and it was sooo nice to finally meet him. And breakfast? DELICIOUS!

French Toast, Homefries & BACON!

I plan on stopping by to grab lunch sometime soon too. I noticed Patty Melts on the menu – and they are on of my favorites! Thanks for the hospitality Earl! Hope to see you again soon! (Note: Follow Earl on Twitter: @handyslunch. I do! Even if he is a Yankees fan 🙂 )

Also – I’m posting a lot on Tumblr lately. It’s great for small rants and quick pictures. Make sure to follow me if you’re on Tumblr (and why wouldn’t you be?!) and check out the feed on the sidebar. XO


One response

  1. Beth

    Ewww, you ate snails! Say it ain’t so!! Ok, I know better – don’t knock it till ya try it.

    October 22, 2010 at 11:25 pm

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